Kidzapalooza compilation album announced!

The first ever Kidzapalooza compilation album is to be released on June 16, featuring various artists who have graced the Kidzapalooza stage over the years. Here’s what says: “Kidzapalooza, the family friendly stage of the annual Lollapalooza festival, made it’s inaugural appearance in 2005 as part of the Lollapalooza Festival in Chicago’s Grant Park, [...]

Perry Farrell and Slash

Final Kidzapalooza 2008 wrap-up

Perry Farrell and Slash rock the Kidzapalooza Stage in Grant Park 2008 (Photo by Maise) Well, it’s been nearly a week since the last note rang out from the Kidza stage and fantastic feedback continues to flood in during the aftermath of Kidzapalooza Chicago ’08: “Tyke rockers the Tiny Masters of Today blasted away on [...]

Perry Farrell and Slash

BREAKING KIDZA08 NEWS: Perry Farrell & Slash on the Kidza stage in half an hour!

Slash and Perry Farrell yesterday at “Perry’s” (Photo by Charley Rogulewski) For those of you who missed the impromptu performance yesterday of Lollapalooza founder Perry Farrell and Slash – you’ve got a second chance to see these two legendary performers in action together … at Kidzapalooza! Yep, amongst our Special Guests today (more on them [...]